I’m Gonna Get to You

She’s a girl from the country
and she’s feeling blue
I’m coming home to you, momma
I’m coming home to you.
Standing in an airport line
Really ain’t much fun
I’m coming home to you, momma
Baby, here I come.

I’m in a room with the TSA
They’re checking out my luggage but baby I’m okay
When the weather clears, I will be on my way

Heavy snow coming down
and we’re stuck on the ground
I feel my love for you baby
I wish you were around
When I get to you, baby
I’ll show you love that’s true
I’m coming home to you, baby
I’m coming home to you.

Here I am. It’s a long delay
But once I’m there I’m there to stay
And I’m so sorry that I took our love away

I saw the sunshine
Now I’m looking at the moon
If I don’t see you in the morning
It should be in the afternoon
You’re always in my heart
you’re always on my mind
Meet me at the airport, baby
And you’ll always be mine

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